NAEM helps ensure an appropriate response to disasters by designing management and response training programs and conducting exercises to test the readiness of your organization. We design these programs to fit the culture and unique operations of your organization. We can design training programs to address the following areas:

    Discussion Based Training Exercises
    • Seminars - employed to orient participants to, or provide an overview of, authorities, strategies, plans, policies, procedures, protocols, response resources, and/or concepts and ideas.
    • Workshops - employed to increase participant interaction and focus on achieving or building a product such as a draft plan or policy.
    • Tabletop Exercise - employed to assess plans, policies or procedures, or to assess the systems needed to prevent, respond to, and recover from a defined event.
    NAEM can design and conduct exercises to test the effective of the planning and training effort. We can design information table top exercises to walk through steps in management and response. Real time, scenario driven, table top exercises to test the effectiveness of a particular function or several functions in a controlled environment. We can also develop real time, scenario drive, field exercise that test response efforts or the overall management and response efforts of all of the factions of emergency management and response. Types of exercises that can be developed:
    Tabletop Exercise
    Operations Based Exercises
    • Drills - employed a coordinated, supervised activity to validate a single, specific operation or function in a single organization. Drills are usually used to provide training on new equipment, develop or validate new policies and procedures, or practice and maintain current skills.
    • Functional Exercises - employed a design to validate and evaluate individual capabilities, multiple functions, activities within a function, or interdependent groups of functions. Simulates the reality of operations in a functional area by presenting complex and realistic problems that require rapid and effective response by trained management personnel in a highly stressful, tie constrained environment.
    • Full Scale Exercises - employed multi-agency, multi-jurisdictional, multi-organizational participants focused on analyzing plans, policies, procedures and cooperative agreements. Full Scale Exercises presents comple and realistic problems that require critical thinking, rapid problem solving, and effective response by trained management and field personnel.
    Functional Exercise

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